The Gold models and entertainment agency is an intelligence-driven agency specializing in merging fashion and entertainment.The Athens-based agency focuses on the discovery, development and management of new talent. 

The Gold provides to their clients fresh and modern faces, passing through the boundaries of beauty. Our strength comes from our passion, experience, work ethic, talent of our people and our collective principles and values.Our focus is to provide the highest quality management for our models and an exclusive service for our clients.Focused on scouting and development, our agency has a roster of next generation models who are constantly brought to light internationally.

The Gold not only creates great talent, we nurture great people, adopting a personal and human perspective whilst implementing high profile branding strategies, tailored to the individual model and artist.We have the claim and the responsibility to create a safe and respectful environment for the models and talents, to offer them a thoughtful and appropriate marketing.The agency elevates the importance of individuality to create an enduring path to success and empowers mass market appealing faces with strong personalities

Do you want to be a part of a Life-changing experience?

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